Shamsudeen and the audacity of hope

Story By Chigozie Effe

Crippled from birth, young Shamsudeen was never giving a chance to live. He was seen as a nature’s mistake and was rejected and neglected. But Shamsudeen didnt give up hope as he accepted his challenge and became the first graduate from his lineage.

.In Northern Nigeria, where over 10million healthy children are on the streets (popularly called alamajiris) the likes of Shamsudeen are often considered less human. The society in which they live make them look inferior and make them see street begging as their destiny and indentity.

In any case, giving them a better life is unnecessary as that would amount to a waste since they are disable.But Shamssudeen has decided to change the narrative. He hoped to be relevant in life as well as meet relevant people in his sojourn on earth.

Today, Shamssudeen is living up his dream, having lost his mum who was his back bone at 12. He was among the Corps members that just passed out from the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, a couple of days ago.

It would be recalled that the wife of the Vice President, Mrs Osibajo had visited the camp. And guess who she choose to meet? It was Shamssudeen as seen in the photo below.

A graduate of Science Laboratory and Technology, from Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic, Zaria Kaduna State, Shamsudeen, 26, is an intelligent young man with dreams of making the society better than he found it. His detest for begging which is dominant in the north made him sponsor himself to school

His words” Yea, I dream to go to school since when i was a kid because I came from a less previleged family, adding” the best thing is to go to school so i can avoid street begging”

While in school, Shamssudeen never allowed his condition of being small and disable even worse coming from a poverty stricken home to distract him. As a matter of fact he was the most sought after student because of his intelligence and bravery.

Interestingly he removed the disable from his mindset and replaced it with ABLE. He focused more on what he has and focused less on what he doesnt have. And this made him to be on this same page with his “heathy” peers.

His words” Many people including family members said i will never make it in life because am disable. But i told myself am not disable but am differently ABLE”

A resident of No 345 Kwabari Street, Zaria, and a native of Kaduna State, Shamssudeen told that his plans now is to change the mindset of his people towards the street and disable children.

According to him, there is so much discrimination among these special people which is gradually making them not to live out their dreams on earth.

His recent encounter with the wife of the Vice President, Mrs Osibanjo further led credence to the power of dreams. If he hadnt gone to school he may probably not have the chance meeting the wife of the vice president as well as other dignitaries.

In all, Shamssudeen called on government at all levels to look into the plights of the physically challenged persons in the society as well as create the enabling environment for them to live out their dreams.

Last line
No body is less important. We must treat people the way we want to be treated. I dont think those people mocking Shamssudeen have had the opportunity of the meeting the wife of a sitting Vice President

Chigozie Effe

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