Sant Egidio and the street people of Kampala

Chigozie Effe

Its 6:pm in Katwe Karomaja Camp, Kampala, a surbub of Uganda . Residents of this camp are gradually returning “home” after a day’s work on the streets of Uganda.

They are poor and some of them feed from the waste bins. Others engage in menial jobs to keep hope alive. Some of them don’t have a dollar to their name.

For residents of this slum, who are largely women and children, life is gradually becoming unadventurous . They re apparently victims of circumstances and as such living in this slum becomes a safe haven for them.

Located 100 km from the nation’s capital, Uganda, this slum is a bad advertisement to Uganda as a country, as no fewer than 3,000 persons are residents of the camp.

Hopelessness seems to be their lot but thank God for a faith based group, Community of Sant Egidio who have been giving them reasons to keep hope alive.

Through its work of charity, a lot of children in the slum have been able to acquire education while the elderly are being supported and often taken care of by this group.

Investigation revealed that most of the residents of the camp are citizens from warton countries seeking refuge in Uganda while others are poor and cannot fend for themselves. In this camp also , there all kinds of disease springing up every day.

Dominant of this diseases is the constant cases of HIV/AIDs which is spreading like wild fire and affecting virtually every home in the slum.

Concerned by this development, Sant Egidio have taken the bull by the horn in proffering solutions to this social malaise.

By establishing school of peace, as well as engaging government of Uganda, according to a member of the group, ClatonFredrick, there has been a tremendous improvement on the part of the children and other residents of the slum.
He alleged that government officials who visited the area a couple of months ago pledged to meet the needs of residents of the camp but up till this moment they have not kept to their promise .

According to Claytonfredrick, plans are underway to take some of the children back just as he told Yours Sincerely efforts are being put in place to raise funds so as to give some of the residents a descent living.

For residents of this slum, nightfall is a sad reminder of their pitiable condition and pain, but a new day ushers in a ray of hope.

Welcome to Katwe Karamoja!

Chigozie Effe

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