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President of the Community of Sant egidio, Prof Marco Impalgliazzo, has stressed the need for peace to reign especially countries at war, in countries where lynching is legalized, where violence holds among other crimes against humanity even as he calls for more selfless service as works of charity are works of peace.

Marco made the call last Saturday on the occasion of the 2019 Pentecost Meeting of the Community of Sant Egidio in Rome televised live in 70 countries across the globe.

According to him, “There is need for heroism of peace, adding ‘’Service to peace is a fundamental dimension of the Community’s mission. This vision has found many confirmations and blessings, together with new need; we need to convert all to the search of peace”.

“”Peace will be lasting in the measure that we arm our children with the weapons of dialogue, that we teach them to fight the good fight of encounter and negotiations. In this way, we will bequeath to them a culture capable of devising strategies of life, not death, and of inclusion, not exclusion””.

This culture of dialogue, according to Marco, should be an integral part of the education imparted in our schools, cutting across disciplinary lines and helping to give young people the tools needed to settle conflicts differently than we are accustomed to do.

He further added, “We need to shake this world deeply because it is too bitter and embitters so many, adding ‘’Spiritual strength is needed to mend the torn, to create bonds where there are none, to open breaches, to free many people from loneliness, to give a home.

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