Meet 31 year old widow keeping the family afloat through sale of groundnut

By Chigozie Effe

When Mr Adekoya, the late husband to Mrs Ennimoni died four years ago, all hope seemed lost for the widow who was pregnant as that time plus her three children still tender. It was perhaps the darkest moments of her life as life turned for the worst.

No help from anyone, friends and family members absconded. She was in a world of her own. But while figuring what to do with the family now that the husband had gone and the task of taking care of the family rest on her shoulders, the young widow started selling groundnuts on the streets of Lagos.

Through the sale of groundnuts , the mother of four was able to raise her children as well as meet the needs of the family.

She had promised her husband at his graveside that she will finish the unfinished business by the grace of God. And today it is becoming a reality

It would be recalled that her late husband was a painter based in Lagos who had gone to work while doing his work his ladder fell on a pole and that how the man died. As at the period her husband died, Ennimoni was a maid and could only afford little to support her late husband

Through the help of a Good Samaritan, Mrs Ennimoni was taught how to make liquid soap, prepare ginger and sew cloths. In less than one year, the widow has become a fashion designer to the amazement of the people who once rejected her. She operates from her one room apartment in Bariga, along University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Ennimoni has learnt that sometimes the people you hope to lift you up from your setbacks are the same persons that will turn their backs when you need them.

When asked about her challenges, she noted: “I don’t really have challenge but i thank God for what He has been doing in my life and the lives of my children. All i want is customers to patronize my business so I can pay my bills”

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