Gloria: An encounter with a strong woman

Chigozie Effe

In a country where over 40 million youths are jobless and the men dominating every spheres of human endeavour, Gloria Chawai Luka is one woman that has dared to thread the path most women wouldnt venture: Mason

Mason, which requires lots of energy is often seen as men’s business but Gloria has proved again and again that what a man can do, a woman can do better. She is strong, intelligent, hardworking and has the fear of God.

The young lady is also engaged in Catering Services as well as sells men and women’s cloths in Kaduna.

A native of Southern Kaduna, Gloria who is the fourth child of her parents, Mr and Mrs Luka, is an HND graduate of Mass Communication from Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna State and she has been into the profession for two years now.

In an interview with, Gloria explained that she was motivated or propelled into engaging in mason because of the neglect and lack of support by relatives and family members.

Grace said that she has no regret whatsoever being mason and expressed hope that there is great future for her in the years ahead.

The pretty dark skinned lady said life has taught her never to give up even as she called on youths never to give up on their dreams.

Chigozie Effe

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