World Environment Day: Group urges gov to address environmental pollution

Chigozie Effe

As the world commemorate World Environment Day, a nongovernmental organization rooted in grass root development known as Faith Heritage has called on government at all levels to as a matter of urgency address the issue of environmental pollution.

According to her, the issue of environmental pollution especially in the Niger delta region is becoming a recurrent decimal and has continued to generate debate and pose huge danger on the lives of residents of these communities.

The group, led by Mrs Annemary Fiabema, made this call earlier today, when the group took campaign to Amadi Community in Rivers State in commemoration of the World Environmental Day. Themed, “Beat Air Pollution “World Environment Day is marked on June 5, every year.

It was learnt that the group, enlightened the community on how best they can keep their environment clean.

Amadi Community is a water front made up of indigenes of Abuloma mainly the Okrikas. Residents of this community have suffered neglects by successive governments which perhaps explained why the visit by the group became necessary.

Chigozie Effe

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