Grace: The travails of 24 year old jaw Tumour Patient

Chigozie Effe

Cancer is one deadly disease everyone is scared of. No one wants to be associated with it as it portends danger to the family it visits. It is deadly and only the strong scale through. For the family of Eniola, there are indications that if the case of 24 year old Grace Eniola (their daughter) is not well handled, it may lead to cancer.

Grace, it was learnt, is an HND graduate from Yaba Tech, Lagos and currently in perpetual pain as a result of this tumor which has disfigured her face and needs 400,000 to correct this abnormally. Through the help of well meaning individuals, Grace was able to raise only N100,000, which is not anywhere near the cost of the surgery

Unfortunately the cost of the surgery is beyond the reach of her family who have gone bankrupt all in a bid to keep their beloved daughter alive. Her parents, it was gathered are poor farmers who appear helpless in the midst of ill wind that has blown into their family.

In a medical report dated May 8, 2019, signed by Dr. Ogundiran K, of the Mainland Hospital, Lagos and made available to, revealed that “she had swollen jaw, tooth mobility, recurring pain and lumps of the jaw which has been under control”

According to the medical report,””she improved after several sessions of chemotherapy, adding”” recently, the tumor has been malignant and recurrent which has prompted our opinion that she will benefit from surgery to help address any further recurrence

The statement further added”” In view of the foregoing, the cost for the surgery is four hundred thousand (N400, 000). However, she has made an initial deposit of one hundred thousand Naira (N100, 000); Hence, the need to complete payment in the tune of three hundred naira only (N300,000) as soon as possible for immediate surgery.”

In a telephone interview with today, June 3, 2019, Grace explained that the whole thing started like a fairy tale. According to her, a couple of months i started to feel pain in my teeth I went to the dentist and was told that they don’t what my problem was. When i complained to my dad, he took me to different prophets all to no avail; rather it gets worst by the day.”

“I take chemotherapy treatment and radiation treatment too and each of the chemo session costs N50,000 and the doctor asked me to carry out six Chemo sessions. Radiology is N200,000 and the money mentioned is different from the drugs am consuming everyday to ease my pain”.

She noted that as the situation  got terrible, she was now referred to the above mentioned hospital where she got a temporary relief but it is not yet “”Uhuru”” for Grace. She needs all the support at this point to stay alive.

Through, Grace is appealing to well meaning individuals to come to her aid. You can support her by paying to her account: Edun Grace Eniola, 0233748784, Wema Bank.

Chigozie Effe

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