Gloria: Pain of a mother of four


Chigozie Effe

These are certainly not glorious times for Miss Gloria Johnson. This is because by April 18, 2019 , she, alongside her children will be evicted from their Batcher apartment in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

By implication, they will be on the streets of Port Harcourt in a matter of days as she lacks the finance to continue with her rent.

Checks by revealed that her apartment located at Amadi Extension, Abuloma axis of Port Harcourt, cost 150, 000 for the two rooms.

With the latest threat by the Landlord as seen below, Gloria may be headed for the worst. Even worse, her husband, Mr Johnson left them for fear taking responsibility 15 years ago. The burden of taking care of the children who have now dropped out of school now rest on Gloria.

Gloria, whose business has crashed like a pack of cards, is currently at a death end now as help seems not to be coming her way. Morse so, the young man she was co habiting with, absconded when he learnt he was to father a child. The child is seen in the picture below.

In an interview with this morning April 15, 2019 via a telephone , Gloria disclosed that the fear of being evicted is giving her concerns, adding that life is gradually heading for the worst for her and her children.

She added” I use to help people in difficult situations but now i need help. I need to be strong for my children who look up to me. I dont have N150,000 to pay Landlord. As a matter we have not eaten well let alone paying rent”

Gloria, 38, who sales soft drink and was able to pay her previous rent noted that with challenges she is faced with, she can no longer pay her children fees as well as her rent.

When pressed further to know why a batcher rent will skyrocket to that amount, it was learnt that the woman that lived before the arrival of Gloria, said she worked on the place and constructed bathroom and toilet which was not there before.

Endless plea for assistance from relatives seems to fall on deaf ears. Her son is currently dying as a result of illness. She is in a world of her own.

A good samaritan, Mrs Annemary Fiabema has been supportive to her among other good spirited individuals.

Chigozie Effe

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